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Golden Retriever Digging

Stop Golden Retriever Digging

Before stopping your golden retriever from digging holes all through out your garden and yard, you should be knowledgeable of the reasons behind digging, by knowing the reasons you can best address this behavior and control it.

Keep reading and we will list and address a number of reasons that can be motivating your golden retriever digging.

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Stop Golden Retriever Puppy Biting

Stop Golden Retriever Puppy Biting

Golden retriever puppies are the cutest thing in the world, their typical smile will melt anyone’s heart, but as all puppies they also like to bite on things. Biting at this young age is healthy to all pups, because it will strengthen and improve gums and teeth health.

In order to affectively stop golden retriever puppy biting, you must address this behavior by discouraging it, while encouraging other positive behaviors. However many people forget that this behavior although positive in many ways, can also lead to aggression and dominance issues in later years, and that’s why puppies should be tough to stop biting when they are still very young. If your pup were to be raised by it’s mother with other brothers and sisters, he would quickly learn that when he bits, he gets bitten back, a puppy around eight weeks old should already have learned not to bite.

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Dog Leather Leash

Golden Retriever Leash Training

If you want your dog to walk nicely right next to you without pulling, then you need to teach him how to walk properly. Dogs aren’t born knowing they shouldn’t pull ahead or lag behind their owner when walking on a leash. Most dogs often run around as fast they can, while others stop, sniff and urinate on everything through their way while they explore the world, these are common and natural behaviors for any dog.

What you need to start
To golden retriever leash training you will need a lightweight 6 foot leash, a collar and some tasty treats your dog doesn’t eat often but loves them nonetheless.

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Golden Retriever Skin Problems

Golden Retriever Skin Problems

A golden retriever’s coat is probably their most beautiful physical attribute, however such beautiful coating can be hiding some common golden retriever skin problems your dog can be suffering from. Gladly current veterinarian instruments, technology, medical procedures and knowledge came a long way and is able to treat as well help us prevent many skin problems.

It is true that regular brushing and grooming helps keeping a golden’s skin and coating clean and healthy. However there are some skin problems that are unavoidable and can be harmful, for this reason, it’s important to keep an watchful eye and search veterinarian help when the first signs of trouble arise.

Bellow I will approach the most common golden retriever skin problems and disorders, along with the description of the symptoms these same problems and disorders often exhibit.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Sleeping

Golden Retriever Sleeping Tips

Although being a central aspect of a dog’s health and significant portion of his life, sleeping is often an overlooked element when raising a golden retriever. Many owners experience problems when it comes to their golden retriever’s sleeping habits, we will teach you a few golden retriever sleeping tips to handle these problems.

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