Golden Retriever Training Tips

Golden Retriever Training Tips

When looking for golden retriever training tips, it’s actually best to find and understand what your dog needs in terms of training and learning it. People often make the assumption dogs are much smarter than we actually give them credit for, maybe that is true or maybe not. Nevertheless in our own human perception, some dogs are smarter than others, but in either way, dogs react to us, and after a long time of companionship they’ve come to see us as part of the pack, and we have come to see them as part of the family.

Core Golden Retriever Training Tips
When training your golden retriever there a few things and different types of training to consider, these will most likely make the training experience much more easier and pleasant for you and your dog. The ones presented next are considered to most important of them.

Crate Training Crate training will provide your dog with a home and a place to be whenever you are away from home, sleeping, or just preoccupied with something which prevents you from being able to supervise him. Bare in the mind never to use the crate as punishment, and spend time with your dog in the crate so he can get accustomed to it. Crating your dog is useful, especially in the yearly years when young pups like to chew and eat anything and your not around to prevent them to do so, this way they won’t eat or chew something capable of hurting them or destroy something you like, besides this is a convenient way of traveling with your dog. Beyond other apparent advantages, crate training your golden retriever helps in house and chewing training.

Leash Training If you’re having trouble when you’re about to put a leash on your god, the best thing to teach them is to reach a calm and controlled state. This state will keep him from becoming too excited about the upcoming walk on the park, and will be more responsive to your commands. Most owners who have problems with their dogs on a leash, simply let them run around and pull them. If your dog also pulls when on a leash, make them sit and wait, always by your side before walking again, and when he relaxed and calm again, you can go on and keep walking. This will teach patience and will reinforce your position as the alpha member of the pack.

Alpha Positioning – Dogs don’t understand what we say, in same way we humans do, instead they relate to sounds and behavior, as ways to understand what their place his and what his owner wants from them. The position you hold at home, defines how your dog sees him and you in the household, therefore you must assume a leadership position, an alpha position as commonly said. If you assume this position right form the first day your dog comes to your home, you can be sure he will most likely see you as the alpha of the pack, and this way he will be more likely to listen and do what you order him to, making training much easier.

Obedience Training Obedience training is about teaching dog owners how to assume and maintain the alpha position in the household, display control and order specific commands to their dogs. Fortunately golden retrievers themselves are a breed who likes human companionship and leadership, making them fairly easy to control and responsive to their owners.

Consistency is Key in Golden Retriever Training
The single most important thing about all golden retriever training tips is the requirement for consistency. Golden retrievers are smart by nature, but most of what they learn is in response to a repeated and consistent set of commands. Try to avoid to give commands in situations your dog is likely to become confused. For example, if you make him sit right before going out on his walk, he will become confused and excited about the upcoming walk and probably won’t follow your command. Whenever you set a rule in your household, be consistent and make sure everyone does exactly the same to respect the rule, this is a good way for the dog to learn about the rule, and the fact everyone respects the rule, makes him more prone to respect it as well.